Today's special   vegan    Lunch 1050yen  Dinner 1100yen

4vegan dishes, green salad, soy pulp salad, and soup

with today's herb tea or grain coffee +100yen
with cake +  today's herb tea or grain coffee  +450yen

Pakora bowl  vegan    850yen

Indian style vegetable fritters with home made tomato gravy and rice.
with green salad

with soy pulp salad  + 50yen
with herb tea or grain drink +100yen
with cake + herb tea or grain drink  +450yen

Papad                    250yen
Urad beans Indian deep-fried waffer

Cakes                               400yen
Apple Juice (Not from Concentrate)       350yen
Unshu Orange Juice (Not from Concentrate)        350yen
Today's herb tea        250yen
Herb tea                          300yen

Bengal spice (spicy sweet tea)
Sleepy time (chamomile and mint)
Acai mango zinger
Cinnamon apple spice
Joe's tears tea